Ways To Enjoy Yourself When You Tour The Thousand Islands


The Thousand Islands area is one of the most spectacular areas in New York.   Some islands are still unoccupied while others have fantastic Victorian castles and houses.   You will find peaceful villages as well as bubbly towns that rejoice their charmed settings. Here are some things worth engaging into when you visit the Thousand Islands.

Get out on the water.   Getting on a boat is the best way to fully benefit from the area since it has many passages and bays.  Fortunately, there are very many water taxis, boat tour companies and personalized cruises that give you lots of options to get out on the water. Know more about marinas 1000 islands.

Go to Boldt Fort.  When you visit Heart Island, it will be difficult not to get attracted to the exquisiteness of the Boldt Palace.   The romantic tale behind the building of Boldt Castle by George C. Boldt who was building it for his wife Louise who died before the castle was finished is unforgettable.  When she died, Boldt stopped all the construction process and was never seen near the castle again. The castle is now owned by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority.  After the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority restored the castle; people are allowed to visit it using water taxis or individual water boats.  The Thousand Islands region has a lot of castles and not just Boldt Castle alone.

If you are an individual who is fascinated by wooden boats, you can take a trip to the antique boat museum.  There are around three hundred expertly-maintained wooden boats covering over four acres in the museum’s galleries.  The museum also hosts the annual antique boat show in summers.

Dive into the water for more adventure.   The native dive shops offer a variety of options for all categories of divers to see what the Thousand Islands area looks like underneath. Check out ivy lea club marina for more info.

Contract a fishing boat.   The region is very famous for its fishing with the lakeside holding trout, salmon, walleye and lots of basses hence engaging in fishing activities is an excellent idea especially if you love fishing. The area has a lot of options such as the public fishing areas for you to engage in fishing.   The best way to enjoying fishing, however, is by hiring vessels.

Tour the Thousand Islands wineries.  The Thousand Islands-Seaway Wine Trail was established in 2007 to connect the many wineries in the region and give tourists an opportunity to taste the exotic and award-winning wines.


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